Inner Galaxy Group GMD expresses faith in Nigeria

According to Mr. Andy Lu, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Inner Galaxy Group, of which Hongxing is a subsidiary, despite the country’s current challenges, it has the in-built resilience, not only to survive but also to come out stronger.

Mr. Lu made the remarks recently in Lagos at an event in honor of the staff of the company who had put in years of service and those who excelled in their various departments the previous year. A press release on the event was made available to Discussing Africa.

Mr. Lu said that “all countries that are currently prosperous, at one time or another, passed through trying times.” Encouraging Nigerians to remain steadfast and focused on building a strong nation, he said “Nigeria of today is at a stage that China was just a few years ago. China was able to overcome those challenges and is today the world’s second largest economy”. Read More